Six Days of Charity Cheer

This holiday season is all about gratitude. Even if we can’t gather with our families, there are still ways to keep the holiday spirit alive.

The most important reason for the season is to be giving.  No one needs generosity more than our neighbors. If you want to be part of the spirit that makes New York the greatest city in the world, join us as we celebrate our neighbors with a six day countdown to Christmas. Each day, we’ll choose a charity that’s hosting opportunities to show some love to the neighbors who need it most.

Feel free to choose the cause that speaks to you, or follow along with us on Instagram as we move through the Six Days of Charity Cheer with a true giving spirit.

Thursday, December 17

On the first day of Charity Cheer, consider a child in need. The truth is, many in our city don’t wake up to a gift under the tree, so you can make it happen, and we can help.

We’ve teamed up with Liberty Homes of Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC) and created a digital holiday toy drive. This is a great place to kick off the holiday season and start spreading joy without even having to leave the house. Not only that, but we made the list of kids who would truly deserve a visit from Santa. You can get to know a little bit about them and then shop the curated list on Amazon to help give them something from their wishlist.

The event runs until Saturday, December 19. Sign up and buy a toy that they’ll love or simply send a few dollars as a donation.

Friday, December 18

On the second day Charity Cheer, why not don a pair of gloves and volunteer at a soup kitchen? The Bowery Mission is committed to serving the homeless in the city every day, and have continued to do so throughout the pandemic. They are one of the city’s most recognizable soup kitchens, serving up over 400,000 meals to over 7,000 homeless people last year. This year is no different, and the holidays only make it harder.

There’s no better place to experience true Holiday cheer than joining up, just for a quick shift, to turn a simple moment into magic for someone who needs it most. If you are healthy enough to do so, sign up to volunteer for one of the meal shifts that takes place every day.  If you can’t make it out, consider a donation that can make hot meals happen.

This season at the Bowery, you can also volunteer for a Christmas Toy Shop, where you can wrap gifts and be part of giving them out.

Saturday, December 19

On the third day Charity Cheer, think of the city’s four-legged friends. There are hundreds of abandoned dogs, stray cats, and even a few homeless bunnies and guinea pigs without a home yet. In place of a family gathering, why not invite one into your home as a foster animal?

Even if you don’t have the time, space, or resources, you can still see to it that these innocent animals get the care they need. Making a donation is just as important to their wellbeing, and there are plenty of charities who could use the support. Explore some of our hand-picked pet heroes here.

Sunday, December 20

On the fourth day Charity Cheer, bring yourself back to holiday basics with Holiday cards. It’s the perfect way to stay distanced while still spreading the merry. You can purchase a set of these beautiful NYC-themed cards and send them out to anyone you like.

Whether it be a loved one, a neighbor, or a first-responder, your purchase directly funds a full box of nutritious food to keep them healthy, and some special treats to bring some joy.  All you have to do is hit purchase. City Meals takes care of the rest.

Monday, December 21

On the fifth day of Charity Cheer there is still plenty of time to give. If you’re lucky enough to get to look forward to a hot Christmas dinner, remember those in your community who aren’t.

But you can help change that. Donate to the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and they’ll see to it that the needy are fed this winter season. Here are five golden ways your donation can help:

-$28, takes care of a guest for a full month

-$65, brings local produce to 500 guests

-$150, brings a month’s worth of weekend meals to a family of four

-$336, feeds a hungry New Yorker for a full year, for less than a dollar a day

-The donation of your choice, because even a little bit goes a long way.

If you feel like your budget is crunched, resolve to donate some of your time. It’s a priceless resource that others will truly appreciate. Make it your New Year’s resolution to get out and show up for your community who needs you. It’s the perfect way to start 2021 off on the right foot.

Tuesday, December 22

A few days left of the Charity Cheer countdown, and still plenty of time to share some holiday spirit and spread joy in our communities.

Most people are opting to do the right thing and stay distanced from loved ones over the holidays. You can still join everyone together to support a good cause, like by organizing an online food drive through City Harvest. Doing it through City Harvest allows you access to helpful resources that guide you through the simple process. Make it your goal to get at least six others involved and spread the word.

Not an organizer? Not a problem. You can still get involved in the efforts through donations. Just one dollar helps feed two New Yorkers in need. Resolve to donate a dollar a day for the rest of the countdown, and you’ll be giving Christmas meals to 12 New Yorkers.

Wednesday, December 23

The countdown isn’t over yet! On the final day of charity cheer join the North Node community and sign-up for our mailing list. We will be sharing volunteer opportunities and fun and exciting ways to keep the joy going all year round and give back to our communities even after this holiday season.



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