How Helping Your Community Can Save Your Dating Life

What if we told you the best way to find a date isn’t through a dating app? That you could meet some of the best singles that NYC has to offer simply by volunteering your time?

Let’s be honest, there’s far better things you can be doing with your time than swiping left and right. If you’re a single person looking to get involved in your community–and maybe to get involved with another person–then volunteering should be on the top of your to-do list.

Volunteering has so much to offer you. It gives you the chance to truly show you care. You get the opportunity to really make change in your community. If nothing else, it just gives you something to do that you definitely won’t feel guilty about. When you’re doing something good, you’re bound to find other people with the same big hearted intentions.

If you need help uncovering why it’s a good idea to scout for some singles at volunteer activities, here’s why:

Do It with Passion

The thing about volunteering is, you have all the say in where you spend your time. Sites like can help you hone in on the issues that speak to you. By choosing from filters like health & wellness, environment, and children’s education, you can find specific activities that both appeal to you and help others.

Really, if you can dream it, you can do it. There are countless ways that some helping hands can make a positive impact on your community. Plus, when you follow your heart, there’s a chance that someone else with the same intentions will be doing it, too. Best case scenario, your dream date will have been dreaming up the same way of giving back

Singles… in your Area

Is there anything worse than meeting someone in Brooklyn and finding out they live in Queens? If you don’t want the G train to be involved in any potential relationship, then volunteering can certainly help you meet single people who are most-likely local.

There are opportunities based in all of the five boroughs, so you can do good where you live and meet people from the area who care just as much

ACC of NYC has opportunities to volunteer in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. POTS Bronx is committing itself to helping the community through COVID-19 troubles, so there’s plenty of opportunities near you to volunteer your help.

If you like the idea of organic gardening, Queens Community Gardens attract people with green thumbs from all over the borough–and they have the opportunity to get involved in the other four as well.

No matter where you live, there’s something for you. Who knows, maybe there’s someone for you, too.

Get around

City Meals effectively gives you the chance to cruise all over town while you’re doing something positive. Normally, you’ll do it on a team, giving you a chance to link up and spend some time with a group of do-gooders.

Not only do you get to give back, meet new people, and cruise the city, but you’re fighting hunger in the process.

Apply a Natural Filter

One thing’s for sure: the kind of people you meet at volunteer opportunities are the kind of people you’ll feel good about bringing home to your mama.

Giving back to the community is a time commitment that puts others before yourself, which is an incredibly admirable quality to have. This puts you in a perfect light, too. Not only will you spot other people who have a big heart, but you’ll be sure to let your community know that you have one, too.

Do Good that’s ‘Grammable

Remember when the hottest Tinder profile picture was cuddling up with tigers in Thailand? You don’t have to take an expensive vacation to pet a sedated tiger to create the same cute content.

Volunteering with the ACC means you take part in caring for dogs, cats, or bunnies in need. This opportunity is perfect for animal lovers since you’ll get the chance to give attention to the animals, helping them to exercise, get adopted, or just giving them love and comfort.

You won’t be able to resist some selfies with your furry friends, which are undeniable additions to your instagram or dating profile. It can definitely attract other animal lovers, and maybe even inspire a first date to the shelter together.

You’re Flexible, and so are They

If you decide you have the time to date, then you definitely have the time to volunteer. In reality, why not do a little of both? Taking the time to work on fundraising efforts for a cause you care about is a great chance to put some free time to use for good.

Plus, with a shared effort it means you’ll get to spend time working together and getting to know each other… all in the name of good.

Get you out and about

Let’s face it, nowadays, going to the grocery store is really the most exciting outing of the week. Choosing to volunteer isn’t just good for the soul, but good for your social life, too. Getting involved in the community is inherently an activity that involves other people, making it the perfect way to make sure you’re surrounded by good people.

There are plenty of young people in New York City looking to lend a hand. Be part of a wave of good change, and join some of the other wonderful people who have just as much heart

One thing’s for sure: the kind of people you meet at volunteer opportunities are the kind of people you’ll feel good about bringing home to your mama.

Boost your Self-Esteem

There’s no doubt about it; you’re most attractive when you’re feeling your best. When it comes to dating, you always want to put your best foot forward, and what better way to do that than by volunteering?

Volunteering in your community doesn’t just make you look good, but we promise, helping people will make you feel good, too. Once you have that energy around you, other people will be sure to take notice. With a little luck, it might even be the right person.

Volunteering Creates Connection

Both in person and online dating can lead to some of those awkward moments when you’re just begging the ice to break. When you volunteer, the water is already warm. The hard work of finding a common goal is done, making initial conversation all too easy.

No pressure. No corny pick-up lines. Just organic connection through a common goal.

A Great Meeting Story

In an age when almost everyone meets on dating apps, does it get any more unique than to say “we met volunteering”? If sparks fly at the food drive, it will make for a great “so how’d you meet” story that you’ll be proud to tell everyone who asks (and we know for sure people will always ask!)

Plus, if you are one of the lucky ones who finds love through community engagement, then you’re sure to reap the benefits of a relationship that’s built on the foundations of love and care.

Find Opportunities to Volunteer Near You

Once you put your heart in the right place, you’ll start to see how easy it is to attract others with good hearts. It all starts with a little search. Check out our website to see when some of the local volunteer opportunities are happening, and go for it! There’s only good that can come of it.

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