Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is North Node?
How does North Node work?
What kind of volunteer work will I find on NorthNode?
What's North Node's mission?
Is NorthNode also a nonprofit organization?
What is the cost to use North Node?
Which nonprofits can enroll as a nonprofit partner?
Can Colleges and Universities participate as a partner?
What areas do North Node serve?

For User

How do good-doers get connected with the nonprofits?
Can I donate to causes on NorthNode?
Why should I donate to nonprofits on NorthNode?
Does NorthNode keep a percentage of the donations?
What does the fee entail?

For Partners

How can we know if any participants have signed on to an event or campaign posted?

Reward Points

How can I get reward points?
What can I get from redeeming these reward points?
Will my reward points expire?